Pediatric Nutrition

stacking960x340-240860_960x332You already know how healthy nutrition during pregnancy and early infancy lays the foundation for your baby's learning, growth, brain and whole body development, and IQ for years to come. What you might not know is, for kids at any age, it still drives sleep, behavior, cognition, attention, focus, and of course, growth. For every condition, illness, or developmental disability, there is a nutrition component. From asthma to autism, food allergies to ADHD, growth failure to obesity, diabetes to epilepsy, rageful behavior to somnolence and lassitude, nutrients and food are either supporting -  or interfering.

Pediatric nutrition care can sort this out for you, so you can know which foods and nutrients help most, and how to use them - so your child can learn, grow, and thrive to his or her potential. You can...

• Separate problems that can be resolved with nutrition supports, from problems that need referral to an MD specialist.

• Tap expertise on breastfeeding, preemie feeding, specialized infant formulas, food allergy or intolerance in infancy, or toddler feeding challenges.

Discern if your child gets the right amount of food every day, is growing as expected or not, or needs more of certain foods or nutrients to boost functional abilities.

Choose effective supplements and decide whether your child should use them.

• Strategize on recipes, lunches, snacks, and meals that work for your household.

• Connect with special diet practicalities, from ketogenic diets for seizure control to balanced elimination diets for multiple food allergies (like GF CF diet, or diets that also omit egg, nuts, or soy).

Get started now with my books - available at several on line book sellers, in many local libraries nationwide, or easy to order from your local bookstore:

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